Two Guys Wining

I think that the rest of the Del Rio tasting room team would agree with me on this, but one of my absolute favorite things about working in the tasting room is meeting awesome people! Yesterday we met two guys with a fancy camera, big wine tasting notebooks and a lot of questions, and we knew we were in for a treat.

Daniel and David are “Two Guys Wining”- or rather, writing- on┬átheir cleverly titled wine blog. Hailing from Eugene, I was elated to find out that their trip down to the Rogue Valley was to go wine tasting. Of course we get our tourists here for other fantastic Southern Oregon adventures (Crater Lake, Shakespeare, camping, etc.) but a wine-tasting-specific trip is usually not the reason for the visit. We are growing, we are gaining recognition as an AVA, and it’s bringing people here! I can’t help but be proud of the Southern Oregon wine world when we get these visitors.

Anyways, back to our guests! Daniel and David started their blog back in 2011, and then went on a break for a while. Due to some recent inspiration, they have decided to re-launch it! They focus mostly on Northwest wines and tasting rooms, claiming to be “just two normal guys with an abnormal thirst for wine.” I love it!

Please show them some love over on their blog:

Daniel and David, we wish you luck on this adventure. Thank you for coming to visit us!

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