Clayton Wallace: An Introduction

I have been asked to post on the Del Rio Blog. WOOOOOOOOOO! Take that, 2nd grade teacher who put poor writing skills on my report card! It’s true though; my hand writing and spelling are terrible. However there is a nice young lady at Del Rio who has a degree in Literature and will hopefully read through this before it’s posted (Thanks girl!).  Anyways, since I’m going to be writing these a little more frequently I thought I should take this opportunity to talk a little bit about myself so you, the reader, have a better understanding of what you’re getting into with these posts.


Isn’t Clifford beautiful?

What I know about wine and growing grapes all comes from hands on experience and time spent here at Del Rio. So I’m not an expert and I’m constantly learning new and cool things about grapes, how to grow them, winemaking, and all that fun stuff. Also most of what I do doesn’t really have anything to do with growing grapes and making wine.  Well that’s not true. Everything I do leads back to the grapes somehow but maybe not on the surface.

For example:  Rusty and I spent a lot of last week building a dump trailer, and let me tell you,  it’s beautiful! He’s big and red and I named him Clifford. (Seriously. I painted CLIFFORD on the side of it.) And I do a lot of stuff like that. Building racks for tanks, loading trucks, w
orking events, mending fences, and tons of other things like that. Little things all the time that make everything else run smoother. I like to think of myself as the vineyard assistant because I assist everybody. I just help where I’m needed when it comes down to it. In any case that means I get to do all kinds of stuff every day at work, and that’s  one of the reasons I love working here so much. It also allows me learn all kinds of things around every facet of a vineyard. So hopefully that will give me stuff to talk about in this blog. (Fingers crossed.)

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Who is who?

A little more about myself. I have a twin so if I get in a terrible accident I’ll have some spare parts around. I graduated from Oregon State so GO BEAVERS! (If you’re a Duck fan that’s fine, but just know I’ll hate you passionately one day a year.) I’m pretty nerdy so there may or not be references to Game of Thrones and such things sprinkled throughout my writing. (Ex 1. “Hodor”.)  Lastly I’m a pretty avid runner, so I can tell you the fence line of the vineyard is exactly 4.6 miles and it is a b!&%$ getting up that hill. Aaaaannnnd that’s about it I guess (or as much as I’m going to share on the internet). So now I hope you guys have a good idea of who I am and where I’m coming from when I write these articles.

Now lastly (because this is blog about Del Rio and I’m not so narcissistic to write a whole article about myself) here are some things that have gone on recently:

The most exciting thing would be that we just bottled SYRAH PORT! Yes it has been awhile since we have made a port and everyone has been waiting a long time for this but as they say, good things come to those that wait, and oh man have we waited. So look forward to that coming out soon. I can tell you that it’s delicious and that I had to steal a bottle off the line to find that out but I’m sneaky so they didn’t notice.

Pruning in the vineyard is going to be wrapping up by the end of this week so that’ll be nice to have done. Also we just got done replacing plants that died last year so hopefully those little guys grow in nicely.

Clayton Wallace (Editor and Chief of Awesome)

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  • Jessica Nelson
    Posted at 05:46h, 27 August Reply

    Haha, nice write up! Trust me you will have plenty to write about, the vineyard never ceases to surprise me…there is always something to learn and share. I heard recently about the Syrah Port from the gals at the tasting room and have to say I am super excited to try! Just saw the new expansion Del Rio is under taking and can’t wait to see the finish project at the other site!

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