Pinot Noir: Old and New

Greetings from the winery!
Harvest is approaching, and it is always exciting to get the first fruit out of a new plantation. With 6 new clones, up to 900 feet of difference of elevation and some different exposures, we are on the road to discovering many new micro-climates of Del Rio Vineyards.
With Pinot Noir blocks varying in age, clones, and climates, this varietal is particularly interesting to track throughout the vineyard. The block 1 and block 8 from the original vineyard (planted in 1998) remain the core elements of our premium Del Rio Pinot Noir. Nevertheless, we are expecting the young generation from the new vineyard blocks (planted in 2015) to bring us some surprises! These young additions will eventually to work their way up in our parcels selection and represent the diversity of what our site can reveal.
Only time will tell!
Cheers 🙂

Aurélien Labrosse

Assistant Winemaker

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