New season, new look, same great Rock Point wines.

Explore the wild side of Oregon

As the haze and heat of the summer fade, we embrace the cool of autumn with a fresh, new look for the Rock Point Wines.  Early fall is the perfect time for exploring the Pacific Northwest.  Exploring is exactly what Del Rio Vineyard Estate invites you to do with this new release of the newly refreshed Rock Point brand.  The goal in creating the new design was to capture the sense of place with a clean, modern look, and a distinct change from the older, rustic feel of the previous design.

The new design does just that. Centering on a sleek single label which wraps around the bottle as the river rounds the bend. You can pinpoint the Rock Point location on the topographic map located on the back of the bottle. All four bottles are now sporting a twist off closure making it so you can take them with you on your adventures as you explore the wild side of Oregon.  Not only would these wines grace any urban dining setting in which you might find yourself, but they would also be perfect after a hike to the summit, a sunset paddle over one of Oregon’s many lakes, or a picnic style meal with friends.

Created in 2008, Rock Point consists of four wines: 2016 Pinot Noir, 2016 Pinot Gris, River Red and River White. Crafted to reflect the wild and scenic region of Southern Oregon, these wines are brimming with rich, ripe fruit, and subtle nuances. Roguishly good, these wines are designed to be effortlessly enjoyable, shared, and paired.

Located on the northern bank of the Rogue River, just above the town of Gold Hill in Southern Oregon, you will find a distinguished rock formation, Rock Point. With a rich history, Rock Point has lent its name to a stagecoach stop, a pioneer town, a bridge, and our engaging wine brand. Check out the website for more details or order a bottle online today. 

Rock Point Wines - Seek Adventure

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