Introducing: 2015 Rosé

It’s rosé season…and we couldn’t be more excited! Of course, for me, every season is rosé season. Our 2015 Dry Rosé is a delicious blend of 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah, but as always 100% estate grown! Our rosé spends extended time on the skins prior to pressing at 40 degrees. Barrel fermentation and lees contact provide a lovely depth and structure leading to a vibrant and mouthwatering wine. This bright wine displays a myriad of aromas and flavors including grapefruit, strawberry, and rose petals. This has always been one of my favorite wines for a multitude of reasons, and I thought I’d share some of those reason’s with you in conjunction with this new release!

Balance: A good rosé is balanced. It boasts a depth and complexity of a red wine combined with the light and refreshing style of a white wine.

Color: How can a lovely shade of pink not put a smile on your face?

Pairings: Our rosé pairs wonderfully with foods that some red and white wines just can’t compare with. Breakfast foods, desserts, citrus fruits, and of course seafood! It adds an extra flavor punch to any meal.

Personality: Rosé is it’s own world, with it’s own lifestyle. It’s a little bit of everything: fun, complicated, unique…and so many other things that I just can’t put into words.

What are your favorite things about rosé?

If you’re new to rosé or haven’t given it a chance in a while…<a href="https://shop.delriovineyards online cialis″ target=”_blank”>give this new release a sip!


-Mary Beth

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