Crab Cakes with Pasta and Diavolo Sauce

My dear friend Bonnie Davies, my cooking partner in crime, recently modified a recipe she had to include Rose Jolee in the recipe.  With great surprise the recipe was better with Rose Jolee than just with white wine and sugar.  If you don’t have Rose Jolee – it is still a yummy recipe.  Great light dish – with a little kick.  Let us know what you think.

Recipe for Crab Cakes with Pasta and Diavolo Sauce:

For Crab Cakes –


1 lb. lump crabmeat
1 C panko bread crumbs
½ C Parmesan, grated
½ C red bell pepper, diced
¼ C scallions, minced
2 T Minced fresh basil
½ t red pepper flakes


Whisk Together:

½ C Mayonnaise
¼ C half & half
2 T fresh lemon juice
1 egg white

Form Cakes in; Fry in:

1 Cup panko bread crumbs,
Vegetable oil

For Pasta Sauce –

Sauté in 3 T Olive oil; add:
½ C onion, diced
2 t  garlic, minced
Stir in and simmer; puree:
1 can whole tomatoes, crushed (28oz)
1 C roasted red bell pepper, diced
½ C Rose Jolee (can substitute with ½ C white wine and 1 T sugar)
2 T white wine vinegar
1 t red pepper flakes
1 t kosher salt
Cook; toss in sauce:

½ lb. dry angel hair pasta
Garnish with sliced scallions


Combine crabmeat, panko, Parmesan, bell pepper, scallions, basil, pepper flakes, and salt in large bowl.

Whisk Mayonnaise, half and half, lemon juice, and egg white together.  Add to crabmeat mixture, blending gently with your hands or a wooden spoon.

Form cakes using a 1/3 cup measure on the parchment lined baking sheet that’s been coasted with ½ cup panko.  Press cakes in the crumbs, then sprinkle with remaining crumbs; chill 1 hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the Diavolo sauce and bring a large pot of salted water to a boil for the angel hair.  Sauté onions in oil a large sauté pan over medium heat for 5 minutes.  Add the garlic and cook 1 minute.  Stir in Tomatoes, bell pepper, wine vinegar, peppers flakes and salt.  Simmer 20 minutes, then puree in a blender; keep sauce arm over low heat.  Cook angel hair according to package directions.  Drain, reserving some pasta water, then toss pasta with some of the sauce (serve extra sauce on the side with the cakes).  If pasta seems sticky, add a little of the served pasta water.  Fry crab cakes in batches in a sauté pan over medium – high heat using 2 T. oil per batch.  Fry until golden, 3-4 minutes per side; drain on paper towels.  Garish cakes with pasta with scallions.

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